Dream Tree 

Dream Tree is a site dedicated to all those who are interested in sharing their personal experiences and dreams. It is a website where you can write whatever you want and share your deepest secrets and insecurities. It is your world to share your feelings and to explore the minds of your fellow writers .


Why ?

 The Innovation of loneliness

Man is a social creature and the feeling of loneliness drives them mad. In the modern world, an individual is measured by factors like wealth, career, self image and consumerism. In this course of action, many people loose their social and familial connections in favour of the self actualisation ideal. This leads to loneliness and thus loneliness has become the most common ailment of the modern world.


What can you do ?

This is a platform for people who feels lonely and for those who are willing to express to write about their lives, and to share the secrets of life. We strive to build a world where loneliness is not so common and for people to realise the true purpose of life.

The posts on this website will definitely motivate you all to see life from a different point of view. We dream to build a perfect world.

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